Thursday, June 16, 2011

The beginning of a journal

Now that I have started working with my new horse for a few months, I decided I really needed to start documenting his training so I can put myself on a realistic schedule.

I purchased Ike in December of 2010. I decided I wanted to buy myself a new horse that I could show as my ponies are too small and my arab was getting up there in age.

R.H. Icon (Ike) is a bay 3 years old gelding foaled May 2008. He is a welsh/Oldenburg cross. When I purchased him, he was given 30 days under saddle. I brought him home at the end of January. He got a month off before I relocated him to a barn with an arena approximately half an hour away from my house. After refitting him with a new saddle, he has gone into 2 days of training per week so that he continues learning but is not pushed too hard.

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